Accupressure / Sujok
Created in Asia, a huge number of years back, Acupressure Therapy is viewed as an antiquated mending treatment. It includes use of fingers and instruments to press the mending focuses while empowering body’s characteristic healing capacities. We are utilizing pressure point massage to give stunning results in reducing agony and infirmities. Additionally, through this practice we can avoid torments and illnesses coming into the body and stay fit for whole life.thumbnail_IMG_20160821_094047678_HDR


Accupressure is an amazing technique of healing. Following can be cured by acupressure:
 Cervical
 Spondylitis
 Upper back acheIMG_20170907_182959498
 Lower back ache
 Sciatica
 Slip Disc
 Heart Diseases
 Constipation
 Piles
 Hernia
 High & Low blood pressure
 Tennis elbow
 Arthritis
 Kidney failure
 Frozen Shoulder
 Any many more….IMG_20171105_084348177279