About Us

At ZykHealings, we have a determined outlook alongside the readiness to help the individuals who truly require it. We healthily need to individuals in easing their agony and sicknesses, utilizing old practices of Yogs Prana Vidya and Acupressure. We are in this field subsequent to 2014, and have procured 100% accomplishment in helping patients to pick up wellbeing and lessening the reality of their maladies. Our conventional practices are totally compelling, calming and perfectly customized, according to each individual’s body sort and condition of disease, torment. IMG_20171031_171511753_HDRRegardless of the possibility that one is sick or not, one can take our services and keep the ailments under control. The Yoga Prana Vidya and Acupressure practices are the best distinct options for the standard prescriptions. Through these, even those sicknesses can be dealt with, which are beyond the reach of modern medicine.thumbnail_IMG_20160409_211722729


Why ZykHealings?

1. No use of pharmaceuticals: Acupressure utilizes weight focuses to lift afflictions and no drugs are utilized to cure any illnesses.
2. No side effects: Acupressure is known for its no reactions. Indeed, even it some other point is squeezed, that part of the body turns out to be better.
3. Enduring impacts: Treatment from pressure point massage is known not dependable consequences for the body. Event of the same affliction lessens.
4. Prevention: By squeezing every one of the focuses staring you in the face and feet routinely keeps up great wellbeing furthermore keeps your body to contract illnesses.
5. Early Diagnosis: If any component of your body hints at disappointment, its related point turns delicate. So by applying weight on that point the sickness can be analyzed ahead of schedule before it turns into a noteworthy danger.