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Accupressurists on a daily basis get patients who have pain in knees, pain shoulder, pain in lower back or pain in the neck. These patients take a lot of pain killers to subside their pains. Yes, sure they do get a relief, but it comes back. We at our end treat for the pains and here also they get the relief. But, the pain comes back. This has made me wonder, as to why the pain keeps on coming back. I decided to explore further.
On probing with the patients, it was found that these poor patients were somewhere under some stress. Stress was from marriage life stress, work stress, boyfriend/girlfriend stress and the like. On further probe, it was found that these patients had a mundane life. No mingling with people, no laughing, no fun, no exercise, being with oneself only and no such activities, where one can keep oneself busy.

Body has a unique way to heal itself. It has wonderful system which can take away all the pains and all the stress in life. Endorphins, a hormone, secreted by Pituitary Gland, is one such hormone, which does away with all your pains anywhere in the body and reduces stress levels considerably.
But how to produce this hormone? The question remains. Here also, body has simple and uncomplicated methods to protect its body from any malfunctions. But it remains the choice of an individual to practice these ways and get away from any bodily problem. But, alas, people choose the most complicated and gruesome systems and find ways to live with their painful problems.
Interestingly, there are simple ways to do away with your pains and stress. If one simply follows these on a daily basis, one does not need to go to a Doctor. The activities are listed below:
I. Physical:
1. Group activities: A study suggests that activities in a group increase the endorphin rush.
a) Gossip: Is gossiping a pleasure activity? For some it is. Generally speaking gossiping fuels the brain’s centers of pleasure to release endorphins. Somewhere we are rewarded by the brain for gossiping.
Talk to family members and simply pour you heart out. Pick up your mobile and talk to friends for five minutes and simply update on your health for example or just talk about a movie. You will feel happier from inside.
b) Group exercises: When things are done in a group, there is an extra production of Endorphins. One should undertake group activities like group walking, exercises, martial arts, yoga, dance or activities like these.

2. Non-group activities: As compared to group activities, endorphins produced will not be as large, but will be sufficient enough.
a) Exercise: Aerobics, Zumba, Cycling, Walking, Running all lead to release of endorphins. It the rhythm of constant effort, which releases a lot of endorphins.
b) Sex: Due to stress levels in office, home, sex is not given importance. Sex is a natural way to relax, to distress oneself. It burns calories too. Touching each other partners reduces stress. Touch also helps in easing pains and healing injuries. Care for those intimate moments with each other as it enhances the feel of belongingness and safety. Give sex a priority and heal yourself.
c) Music: Listen to music which relaxes you, soothes your soul. It is a common knowledge that music really soothes the body.
d) Smell Vanilla / Lavender: It is the smell of Vanilla or Lavender that affects the production of endorphins. Put it on your body, pillows, work desk, etc. Go ahead and smell

II. Behaviour: Change in certain behavioural patterns can definitely help you.
1. Laughter: You want an endorphin rush? Just laugh away. Laughing helps in secreting endorphins. Result is instant. It helps in doing away with stress, pains and many other physical and emotional ailments.
Research tells us that children laugh 300 times in a day and adults on an average five times. As the child grows, laughter starts decreasing. Once we cross 60 years, our quantum of laughter reduces like anything. Now we know why adults have so many pains and stresses.
One can join laugh therapy groups, read jokes/comics, tell jokes, see comedy movies and thank yourself that you have saved on medicines!
Laughter as a therapy is being practiced since the 1930s.
2. Smile: Want to boost your mood? Try Duchenne smile. When you smile and include the eyes also, it is a real smile. This happens when you are really happy. One just cannot fake it. It really helps in increasing your morale. Talk to people who make you happy, look at pictures which make you smile – the Duchenne smile and remain healthy.
3. Thoughts: The way you think, the way you act. Think positive and though it may not change the outside situation, but it does change the inside situation. Positive thinking recreates the chemicals and distribute it in the blood stream and hence one get feel – good factor.

III. Food: Can you believe that foods can actually reduce your pains and stress levels.thumbnail_IMG_20160917_093541101
1. Dark Chocolate: For all you know, dark chocolates can become our aspirins. Dark chocolates have got chemicals, which induces immediate release of endorphins. Somewhere dark chocolate becomes our natural pain killer and anti-depressant. So when in pain eat chocolate – dark chocolate. But don’t overindulge. A research says that eating 6.7g of dark chocolate suffices. That is eating one small square of the chocolate once is two days.
2. Ginseng: This ancient herb is a wonder herb. So many ailments can be done away with it. Ginseng helps in releasing of endorphins and helps in doing away with the fatigue one has. It has been reported that athletes take Ginseng to enhance their physical performance.
3. Hot Pepper: This is just incredible. Eating spicy food induces pain! So why should we have it? There is a chemical called Capsaicin in spicy foods, which fasten itself to pain receptors of nerve cells in mucous membranes of nose and mouth, which passes through the trigeminal nerve to the brain and cries that there is painful burning. Body reacts immediately and releases endorphins and relieves any pain or stress. When in pain – eat spicy food.